Work Experience

Greybull Stewardship; 2010 to present

Emeryville, CA

Manage an investment partnership investing in unique businesses.

National Holistic Institute (NHI); 2003 to 2009

Emeryville, CA

Direct all strategy and operations of one of the largest vocational schools for massage therapy in the country.

Student Advantage, Inc. (NASDAQ: STAD); Nov. 1999 to Jan. 2001(left for Harvard Business School)

Executive Vice President, University Services and Operations
Boston, Massachusetts

Managed company from early stages through venture funding from Greylock, IPO in 1999, numerous acquisitions, and nearly two years as a public company. The company had 400 employees and 2001 revenue of over $65 million.

  • Directed five business units with $30 million in revenue and over 250 employees. Business units had growth ranging from 25 to 100 percent.
  • Managed the CTO and the technical staff for critical functions such as several million person database and fulfillment system, all Internet operations, and core IT functions.
  • Directed internal operations including bi-weekly meeting of all senior executives. Administered budgeting process and managed company financial and non-financial goals. Implemented company-wide compensation reviews and stock option grants.
  • Recruited and managed senior executives including former CFO of Cornell University, former professor at Harvard College, well-known CTO from a CMGI company, and numerous experienced media executives.
  • Negotiated the acquisition or managed the integration of eight companies acquired during tenure with company.

STAD operates businesses in the higher education market including: Student Advantage membership, student discount membership program with over 1 million student members and nearly 20,000 exclusive discounts; the Official College Sports Network, an operator of nearly all Division I college athletic programs;, a community-oriented Internet site for college students; U-WIRE, the Associated Press equivalent for college newspapers; SA Marketing Services, a premier on-campus marketing agency for global brands such as Coca-Cola and Volkswagen.

Student Advantage, Inc.; Jan. 1999 to Nov. 1999

Vice President, Business Development
Boston, Massachusetts

Responsible for major strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Part of the leadership team that managed IPO for STAD in 1999. Implemented major strategic partnership with Lycos. Formed revenue-generating partnerships with ESPN, USA Today, Yahoo, Dow Jones, CBS Sportsline and more.

Student Advantage, Inc.; Dec. 1997 to Dec. 1998

Senior Director, New Media
Boston, Massachusetts

Responsible for all Internet initiatives for STAD after The Main Quad acquisition.

The Main Quad, Inc. and University Wire (U-WIRE); May 1995 to Dec. 1997

Co-founder and President
San Francisco, California

Built online media company serving college students. Recruited start-up team, raised angel financing, and generated more users and revenue than competitors from Universal Pictures, Barnes & Noble, and AT&T. Acquired U-WIRE, the Associated Press for college newspapers, and developed profitable syndication business. Sold The Main Quad to Student Advantage, Inc. for a 300% return to the investors.

Smart Valley, Inc.; Aug. 1994 to May 1995

Project Manager
Palo Alto, California

Smart Valley, Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to making Silicon Valley a better place to live through technology. In 1994 and 1995, Smart Valley’s activities centered primarily on the Internet and networking. Wrote grant request that received $5 million from NASA.

MFS Communications Company, Inc.; Jan. to August 1994

Independent Contractor
Omaha, Nebraska

Established in 1986, MFS Communications Company, Inc. was one of the first and the largest alternative local access providers in the telecommunications industry. I wrote an unpublished book about MFS and the changing telecom industry titled At the Speed of Light. In writing the book, I worked directly with Jim Crowe and the executive team of MFS to document the history of the company. It is an amazing story of how several construction company executives from Peter Kiewit & Sons learned how to construct fiber optic networks, obtained $500 million in start-up funding from Kiewit, tapped the public markets for another $1.5 billion to build networks around the world, acquired a leading ISP (UUNet) and eventually sold to WorldCom for around $12 billion. The MFS executive team is now utilizing their knowledge to create Level 3 Communications.

Independent Writer; Aug. 1993 to Jan. 1994

Omaha, Nebraska

Reporter and writer for the Boise Idaho-StatesmanMidlands Business Journal, Raleigh News and Observer, and New York Times.


Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Bachelor of Arts cum laude received May 1993.
Majors: Public Policy, History. Recipient of Mary Elizabeth Duke Lyon Scholarship.

Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts

Graduated with MBA in June 2002.

Outside Work Experience

Golden Gate National Parks Consultancy

Volunteer Consultant
San Francisco, CA

Assisted the GGNPC in developing new and additional revenue opportunites to support investments in the Golden Gate National Park. Organized through the Harvard Business School Community Partners program.

Emeryville Chamber of Commerce

Chairman, 2009-2011
Emeryville, CA

Emeryville is a city that has great balance of enterprise and qualify of life. The Emeryville Chamber is actively working to continue to make Emeryville a ‘Healthy City’ on many different measurements.

California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools

President, 2010-2011

Private postsecondary schools help 400,000 Californians per year learn new skills and adapt to the changing economy.

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