Professional Interests

I enjoy investing and am on the lookout for new opportunities. Below are some of the investments I made prior to the formation of Greybull Stewardship. Please visit the portfolio at the Greybull Stewardship website to view the investments held at the fund.

Greybull Stewardship

imgGreybull Stewardship is an investment partnership formed by business owners to invest in unique businesses. Check out

National Holistic Institute (NHI)

imgThe National Holistic Institute (NHI) is one of the largest and most respected vocational schools of massage therapy in the country. Check out

Prior Professional Interests

Student Advantage, Inc.

imgThrough the acquisition of The Main Quad by Student Advantage, I obtained an equity stake in Student Advantage. Student Advantage subsequently went public in 1999 and was then sold in various pieces after I went to business school.


imgZipcar allows members to rent cars by the hour. Check out Zipcar at

GolfServ Online, Inc.

imgGolfServ provides personalized golf content and services so users can track their handicap and playing performance, find detailed information on 20,000+ golf courses, book tee times online, access detailed equipment information and view lessons from the world’s leading golf authorities at This was sold to Time Warner, Inc. in 2006., Inc.

imgSmarthinking provides online tutoring and academic support for core courses in education. They provide qualified tutors (e-structors) and independent study resources, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for core courses and skills. Check out Smarthinking at

Safe-Tee Chemical Company

imgSafe-Tee Chemical Company has products that are environmentally safe and are used in industrial cleaning applications such as cleaning grease and oil from sewer and water treatement facilities, oil-spill clean-up, and restaurants. This company has many loyal customers, but it is in a very early stage of its growth. Check out